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Communications That Create Value

As 2011 winds down, it’s a good time to ask: Did our communications create value this year?  Did we engage meaningfully with clients, employees, and colleagues?  Are we stronger, clearer, more compelling than last year?

Social media reached new heights this past year.  Nevertheless, social media in its various forms is simply another platform.  No matter the channel, communications must be relevant to the audience. From in-person exchanges, to snail mail and mobile apps.

At the beginning of each new year, marketing departments decide how to allocate  resources. What is the mix between old and new media? Social media is a huge force that must be assimilated into virtually any situation.  But social media is not a magic pill.  The message must still be strategic, thoughtful, and respectful.  It must resonate with the receiver.

As you look to a new year, ask yourself, “How can our communications enlighten and enrich our target audiences?”  Once you determine that, you can decide which channels to use in sharing your message.

Warmest wishes for a joyful holiday season.