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Face it, CEOs: Social Media Is Now Part of Your Job Description

CEOs in large numbers continue to avoid social media, even as their companies increasingly embrace it. Many say they are too busy running their businesses to bother. Others question the ROI of LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Just about all are confused by a world wherein social media platforms are firmly integrated into personal and professional lives.

At the same time, corporate leaders face unprecedented pressure to appear accessible and authentic. Some studies show that, all things being equal, a corporate brand’s reputation and likeability increase when “the chief” is actively engaged in social media.

Bill George, a management professor at Harvard Business School, says CEOs should accept that social media platforms have become part of their job.

My advice to clients is this: You don’t have to do it all.  Start small by doing one thing really well. It might be demonstrating your expertise and staying in touch through a short, compelling monthy leadership tip. Or building a virtual community through LinkedIn. Even small efforts can have significant impact.  Like most success in life, 90% is simply showing up and participating.