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When established executive director and CFO, Nancy Thornton, CPA, decided to make a career transition, she contacted Swearingen Communications. Ms. Thornton had previously retained Swearingen Communications while leading a prominent law firm, and knew and trusted our work.  Before launching her high-end, licensed fiduciary services company, Ms. Thornton involved Swearingen Communications in developing the company brand, messaging, website, and marketing collateral.  When Foster-Thornton LLC subsequently aligned with Los Angeles-based San Pasqual Trust, both entities hired Swearingen Communications to assist them with corporate communications projects.  This successful collaboration continues today.

Nancy Thornton

I retained Leah in my role as Executive Director of a prominent San Diego law firm. Leah successfully led the firm in developing a firm-wide marketing culture, marketing plan, and guiding our attorneys. When I launched my own company, Leah was instrumental in helping me create my brand, communicate my services, and develop marketing collateral. My company continues to benefit from her outstanding work.

Nancy Thornton, Founder, Foster Thornton LLC

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