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Swearingen Communications works with CEOs, presidents, business owners, executive directors, managing partners, marketing directors, and other executives in creating communication strategies that resonate across multiple channels. From print to web to face-to-face, this communication promotes understanding and deepens business relationships.

Marketing Adviser and Strategist

Want to waste money? Skip planning. Dive into various marketing activities. But that’s not how we do business. Passion is great, but it doesn’t replace planning. Time invested in identifying desired outcomes from specific audiences and markets is fundamental. Before taking action, make sure you have a plan. Even a simple plan keeps you focused and directed.


What makes you different? Why would anyone buy from you? Why should anyone care about your offerings? How do you connect to the minds and hearts of clients? How do you keep things simple and impactful? By curating the best of your expertise, key messages start to form. These become the building blocks of your successful communication program.

Brand Manager and Marketing Collateral

Everything you create sends a message. Is it positive, negative, or neutral? Is it consistent? Does it reinforce your brand? Does your brand embody you? Every announcement, brochure, website, mailer and more should reflect your quality and character.

Engagement Tactician

Who are your most important clients? Who can make or break your success? Where does your business come from? When was the last time you connected with an important referral, colleague, or ally? Staying engaged with the people who matter most is key to long-term success. Our strategies help you stay present and top of mind.

Content Curator and Policymaker

Your expertise may be vast. But your market only cares about what impacts it. Your clients want information that’s relevant and valuable, period. Your content strategies should be structured accordingly. You want to elevate, not irritate, specific audiences. Otherwise you’re just adding to the noise.

Industry Positioning

Why just inform, when you can inspire? Whether through a presentation, seminar, small meeting or roundtable, stand out. We help ensure you have the right message, tools, and execution.

Public Relations

Who matters most to your business? Are you on their radar? Is your story—your reason for being—known? From employees to clients to journalists to gatekeepers to referral sources, PR helps you build mutually beneficial relationships with all your stakeholders.

Communications Consulting for Executives

Executives who are experts in their field can still fumble under the spotlight. We call this “tripping over their own intelligence.” Leaders often benefit from outside coaching in order to hone their message and nail its delivery.


What’s the role of print advertising? Online ad placements? Sponsorships? How do you measure ROI? What’s your pitch? We evaluate and narrow down your relevant options.

Project Management

Details are the building blocks of projects. We manage them expertly. That’s why we deliver consistently successful results. Whether you are preparing for a presentation, trade show, new website, or print campaign, we keep one eye on the calendar, one eye on your budget, and all hands on quality control.

What builds trust over time? Authenticity, Competency, Frequency and Relevance.

Leah Swearingen, Director