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“Social Business” Means Rethinking the Nature of Client Relationships

In her new book, “The Social Business Imperative — Adapting Your Business Model to the Always-Connected Customer,” Silicon Valley entrepreneur Clara Shih discusses how customer engagement strategies must be entirely rethought. The implications of the constantly connected consumer are impacting every business in every industry. From ordering a cappuccino online to making a seamless payment to Uber, we’re all changing our purchasing habits. So, too, are our clients. The disruption isn’t just in newer categories, but also in traditional, buttoned down industries such as insurance, finance, and law.

Before panic sets in, be reassured. We’re all still human. Human connection will always be core to any successful business. Meaningful connections drive long-term relationships. That’s why every business must be asking itself daily: How can we maintain and enhance our relevancy? What do our clients most need from us? How do we show up for them and provide value? Where and how do we make that happen?

The assortment of digital tools is an opportunity. As Shih explains,  being a “Social Business”  means delivering a consistent experience across every brand point. It’s imperative to consider all the ways your clients wish to engage with you, and plan accordingly.

The variety of digital tools is also a threat. Your competitors have never been more available to find and interact with your clients. How do you stack up against them?

Today’s consumers have never been more powerful. Is your business innovating enough to satisfy the constantly connected customer? Are you delivering the level of customer experience they seek? How can you lead your business to be more “social” in the year ahead?

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