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Communicating for Decision Simplicity

From blue jeans to smart phones to insurance, consumers are overwhelmed with options. No matter what we are in the market for, we embrace brands that make it easier for …

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Trust in the Media Continues to Decline

When it comes to describing their level of trust in the mass media, 60 percent of Americans state, “Not very much,” or “not at all” according to a new Gallup …

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Three Guideposts for New Media, Circa 2012

As I prepare my remarks for next week’s monthly meeting of the San Diego chapter of the Association of Legal Administrators (ALA), I’ve been pondering: How can I provide the most valuable advice about …

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Keeping Clients Amid all the Creative Destruction

A recent column by Washington Post columnist George F. Will, entitled “The Glory of Chaos,” discusses creative destruction.  Examples of creative destruction are evident in the demise of many once-revered …

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Snail Mail, Email, Or Both?

The past few months I’ve been managing more than the average number of communications campaigns.  The question always comes up:  How should we communicate? By snail mail, or email? Can …

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