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Your #1 Most Powerful Tool for a Prosperous New Year

It’s not newfangled. It may not be the latest rage. But email is still crushing it after more than 20 years. If you want to grow your business in 2017, embrace the power of email.

Email is still the most used of all electronic media. Most people check it first thing in the morning and just before bed. According to ExactTarget, 71% of consumers favor email as their first online “check” of the day.

Email marketing acquired 40 times more customers than Facebook and Twitter combined, according to a study made by McKinsey & Company on how companies generate new customers. 40 times!

Ample studies underscore email’s muscle compared to social media. This is not to say that anyone should abandon social media. Social media plays a key role in many marketing programs. But email and social media truly are apples and oranges. I like to compare them to protein vs. carbs.

Email is an essential tool for B2B marketing. Consider that:

  • Email is the most personal
  • Email is the most business-like
  • Email gets more attention per client than any other online tactic
  • Email is highly customizable
  • Email provides many transactional opportunities

Did I mention that email is remarkably inexpensive?

I’ve had clients such as attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and other professional service providers attract quality clients and generate new work, simply because of a well-timed email.

Innovation will continue to spawn fresh, exciting social media platforms in 2017. No matter what shiny digital media toys debut this year, don’t neglect the power of email. Despite its age, it’s still your most indispensable online work horse.



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