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Snail Mail, Email, Or Both?

The past few months I’ve been managing more than the average number of communications campaigns.  The question always comes up:  How should we communicate? By snail mail, or email? Can we get by with only email?  Isn’t snail mail expensive, and largely a waste?

Considering that the average open rate of most email campaigns is about 30%-35%, you have to ask: Does it matter that 65% – 70%  of my clients/colleagues/contacts aren’t getting my message? If the answer is “yes,” than more channels should be incorporated into your campaign.

Even the most successful email campaigns only get a 50% – 60% open rate.  While there’s no way to measure whose opened or read your snail mail, at least you know it arrived in an “in box” that gets noticed.  Consumer research reveals that customers respect direct mail more than they do email.

My answer to the snail mail vs. email dilemma is: When it’s really important, do both.  Today’s direct mail can be personalized and targeted like never before.  When you add in web advertising, such as Facebook or Linked In ads, and strategic social media, you are well on your way.