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Are You Willing to Accept These 3 Gifts? 

By Leah Swearingen, APR Not all gifts sparkle like gold, or perfume the air like frankincense. Some seem silly, others are downright unwelcome. This year I identified three “gifts” from …

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Are You Communicating Like a Thoroughbred, Old Nag, or Ass?

A successful communications program is like a prize thoroughbred: It takes you where you want to go. It sets goals. It’s sleek and disciplined. It undergoes rigorous checks and evaluation. …

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Be your best self.

Would You Rather Be Clever, or Understood?

Who doesn’t want to be viewed as witty, smart and memorable? But if you’re trying to communicate value in terms that clients and prospects can quickly grasp, resist the bon …

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Craft your unique message

Is Your Marketing Due for Some Spring Cleaning?

Spring is here. Does your marketing still pack plenty of “spring” and impact? Could your company messaging use a good polish? Has it been months or more since you brushed …

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Your #1 Most Powerful Tool for a Prosperous New Year

It’s not newfangled. It may not be the latest rage. But email is still crushing it after more than 20 years. If you want to grow your business in 2017, …

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