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Speak To Your Clients’ “Pain.”

One of the earliest lessons marketers learn is to focus on benefits, rather than features.  For example, Volvo focuses on safety, while Nordstrom focuses on service.   Apple lives, breathes, and personifies uber-cool, techno-zen mobile devices. I could care less how Apple’s iPad works.  But I do marvel that it delivers the world to me in a touch of my finger.

If you take the benefits-over-features mantra to the next level, you’ll arrive at where I think the marketing action really lives.  That is, with the client’s “pain.”

Over and over again, I ask clients: “Why are your clients searching for your services? Why are they visiting your website? Why, in the old days, would they pick up the Yellow Pages?

If they’re looking for a tutor, their “pain” may be a child who is struggling in a class.  If it’s for a family lawyer, their pain may be a failing marriage.  Perhaps they are tired of the pain of not managing their finances well, and are serious about aligning with a trusted financial advisor.

It’s savvy strategy for service providers to speak to this pain first, and to their capabilities, second.  But more often than not, I see companies lead with their process, systems, qualifications, and other factoids.

When you focus first on the clients’ issues,  they sense that you care and understand.  And who wouldn’t prefer to work with that kind of provider?